Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Released: bCisive 2.0.4, Rationale 2.0.7, with Multi-page printing

We have just released bCisive 2.0.4 and Rationale 2.0.7. These are largely bug-fix releases, and they do include a new facility for multi-page printing, and it's very cool.

In the past both our bCisive and Rationale would simply scale your map or workspace to fit a single page. If you had a big map you either had to break it into pieces yourself, or get hold of a large page format printer.

With the new feature you can now also pick a fixed zoom level for your print out:

The new controls

and the software automatically figures out how many pages will be needed to print the map or workspace:

A four page map (click to enlarge)

With Page Preview on you can not only see how many pages it will take to print your map, but the Page Guidelines (the grey grid-lines in the example) show you where the page breaks will occur. It's really cool to see how the pages adjust dynamically as you edit your map.

When we bring printing to bCisive Online we expect to follow a similar model.

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