Thursday, November 19, 2009

bCisive Online vs WebEx and friends

Screen-sharing programs like WebEx, GotoMeeting, etc. allow you to show a desktop over the internet. They allow one person to present at a time, by broadcasting that person's computer's desktop to all participants.

bCisive Online instead provides access to a common virtual workspace -- and a superbly functional one at that! -- with one person able to edit at a time (to maintain order!), and the ability to pass editing "control" to other participants.
It's the difference between taking turns presenting, and really getting work done together.
To enhance participation all participants are equipped with virtual "laser pointers" that enable everyone to point at boxes in the workspace when making comments:

A remote participant uses his virtual "laser" pointer to
draw attention to the Option

That's for real-time collaboration. The results of your remote meeting are centrally stored in a Space and members of your "site" can revisit as needs dictate.

Note: At this time bCisive Online does not provide audio chat. We suggest that you use whatever you're using now. E.g. Skype or Google Talk.

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