Wednesday, November 11, 2009

PowerPoint output for compelling presentations

Both bCisive desktop and bCisive Online have powerful facilities to take your maps and break them into sequences of PowerPoint slides. There is also a simple strategy to break a complex issue embodied by a big map into an easy-to-follow story.

Together, this facility and the systematic approach add up to compelling presentations.

Maps trump bullet points for visual impact
Compare the visual impact of bullet points, for example:
  • What are the Pros and Cons of Outline form?
    • Pro: Good for input: Fast and familiar
    • Pro: Handy for output, sometimes
    • Con: Boring: The reader / audience's eyes glaze over
      • Fix: Mix bullet point output with other more visually interesting and informative styles of presentation.
        • E.g.: Images
        • E.g. bCisive Online diagrams
    • Con: Not great for showing relationships
with the corresponding bCisive Online map:

Click for full size

Far more compelling, eh?

Problem: Big maps are intimidating
Big maps, often the outcome of fruitful group discussion, tend to be intimidating when presented to someone who wasn't there to see them emerge. We recommend that you break them into bite-sized chunks to form a story.

Solution: Tell a story
In this post on the bCisive Online blog Anna walks through an easy method to do this. The slide sequence drops out almost effortlessly ... once you know how!

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